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Digi+Carbonless – digitalization towards carbon neutrality in hospitality field

Support for the development of SMEs in Uusimaa Region

Green transition (shift towards economically sustainable growth), digitalization and the crises caused by the pandemic are now challenging companies operating in hospitality field. The Digi+Carbonless project offered support for SMEs to start and implement development projects providing a broader view of various solution models offered by green transition and digitalization.

The objectives of the project: The project serves small and medium sized companies (SMEs) on hospitality field. The project supports SME management and personnel in embracing change by improving digitalization capabilies.

A training package was created during the project with two interrelated goals: 1. Find possibilities of digitalization in hospitality industry from green transition’s point of view.  2. Provide tools on how to implement digitalization in SMEs.

Sparring, tools and information

  1. SMEs having a specific development project will work with the project’s experts more intensively, participating in the workshops, sparring sessions, webinars and networking events.

  2. SMEs that are interested to learn from digitalization and green transit can take part in the webinars and other events organized during the project. This ”observer role” is for SMEs having no relevant development projects going on.


Project’s expert team

Digi+Carbonless-project is carried out in cooperation with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences. Our diverse team of experts supports SMEs digitalization projects. Partners plan together sustainable development solutions, digitalization methods and data management in hospitality business.


Digi+Carbonless – Digitalization towards carbon neutrality in hospitality field is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and government funding as part of the measures implemented by the European Union due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Funding authority: Häme Business, Transport and Environment Center. Action line: 9. REACT-EU ESF measures.

The project and related guidance and training are covered by de minimis support, and are therefore free of charge for the participants. De minimis aid refers to public aid of minor importance, which can be granted per company during three tax years at a maximum of 200,000 euros. When participating in the project, the company declares the amount of de minimis support it has previously received and receives a certificate for the support accumulated during the training. The market value of the training package included in the project, i.e. the amount of de minimis support accumulated for the company, is 1,000 euros for the companies participating in the workshop work.

Duration of the Digi+Carbonless project: 01/2022 – 11/2023